New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at Home and at School. Parents' and Teachers' views

Martínez González, R. A., Pérez Herrero, M. H., Jimeno Esteo, J. L. y Cantero León, M. C.

The aim of this study is to analyse the knowledge, skills and attitudes parents and teachers have towards Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and the use they make of them. In order to achieve this, a workshop composed of parents whose children attended primary and secondary schools, together with teachers of different educational levels, both from rural and urban areas, has been carried out all along one academic year. Group discussions and training on the use of computers and ICT have been carried out so that the participants could be more autonomous and critical in their use. The information included in this report was gathered by recording group discussions and writing diaries which were later analysed through content analysis. The processes and results from this workshop have allowed parents and teachers to stimulate partnership, and to develop skills and critical thinking as regards the use of ICT and the Internet.

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