Family and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs): New challenges for Family Education and Parents- Teachers Partnerships

Martínez González, R. A., Pérez Herrero, H. y Rodríguez Ruíz, B.

This paper shows results and conclusions about the impact of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) at home and their implications for parentsteachers partnerships. The main aim of this study is to identify parents’ knowledge and attitudes towards ICTs as well as changes in family dynamics. We have analysed issues such as the extent to which families have access to ICTs at home, the advantages and limitations that parents perceive about ICTs’ use and their influence on family life and on parents-teachers partnerships. The results show that in the sample of this study ICTs are extensively used at home, but parents are unaware of their advantages and influences on their children’s education and demand more information about ICTs in order to be able to guide their children appropriately when using these technologies.

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