Development and Validation of the Satisfaction in Couple Relationship Scale (SCR)

Urbano-Contreras, A.; Iglesias-García, M. T.; Martínez-González, R. A

Abstract: The aim of this study was to develop and validate the Satisfaction in Couple Relationship Scale (SCR) in order to provide a tool that is clear and useful for research and professional practice with couples. The sample was made up of 620 participants in a couple relationship (57.7% women and 42.3% men). Most of participants were aged 32 or older (51.6%), were not married (54%), lived with their partner (66.1%) and did not have children (57.9%). The sample was randomly divided in two subsamples in order to study the factor structure or construct validity; a cross-validation strategy was used consisting of an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) on the first one, and a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) on the second one. Findings resulted in a 10-items scale made up of a single factor that explained 54.14% of the variance, and had excellent internal consistency reliability (α = 0.93).

Keywords: Couple relationshipInstrument validationMarital satisfactionScale

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